Knut grotli

Knut Grotli is Managing Partner at Ascender. Knut has worked as an executive search consultant in numerous Norwegian companies within diverse industries. He has a strong focus and interest in leadership and organisational development, including the composition of management teams and the recruitment of senior executives. / 90 25 13 51 / LinkedIn

kristin benedicte lossius

Kristin B. Lossius is Partner at Ascender. Kristin has a special focus on executive search and recruitment of senior specialists and experienced finance and accounting professionals. In addition, she works with recruitment of legal advisors and professionals within management consulting, risk, compliance and auditing. / 40 30 50 40 / LinkedIn

asbjørn jørgensen

Asbjørn Jørgensen is a Partner at Ascender. Asbjørn has more than 20 years of experience from the Investment Banking industry in Norway. / 92 68 81 23 / LinkedIn

rebecca skaarberg

Rebecca Skaarberg is a Senior Advisor at Ascender. Rebecca primarily focuses on the recruitment of candidates to digital roles, as well as the recruitment of professionals and executives. She also works with management assessment and leadership development. / 97 76 82 89 / LinkedIn

anette martinussen

Anette Martinussen is a Senior Advisor at Ascender. Anette works with management recruitment, with a particular focus on specialist recruiting within economics and finance. / 91 39 92 64 / LinkedIn

Kasim Bijou Sandset

Kasim Bijou Sandset is a Senior Advisor at Ascender. Kasim works with management recruitment for various industries. His primary focus is on digital roles, finance positions and management consulting. / 97 09 72 27 / LinkedIn


Knut will join as Senior Advisor on August 15th.



Veronica Johansen is an Advisor at Ascender. Veronica is working on recruitment across multiple areas, with a particular focus on specialist recruiting within economics and finance. / 95 81 92 82 / LinkedIn



Ingunn will join as Advisor on August 15th.


elisabeth pettersen

Elisabeth is an Intern at Ascender. / 92 66 32 45 /LinkedIn

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